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As a country with vast distances located in the northern part of the hemisphere, civil aviation is vital for Swedish society and our connectivity with the world. Sweden is therefore a long-standing and committed partner to ICAO and the developments of civil aviation in a globalized and evolving society.  


Sweden is currently experiencing exciting developments in terms of innovation, technical development and climate transition within the field of civil aviation. One example is the Scandinavian Mountains Airport, opened in 2019, which is the first new built airport in the world without a traditional air traffic control tower. The air traffic is controlled entirely from the remote control centre in Sundsvall, Sweden, approximately 400 km from the airport. 


In terms of innovation, electric aircraft for commercial operations is currently developed in Sweden which will be an important contributor to the climate transition of civil aviation. Another vital element to reduce carbon footprint is the development and employment of sustainable aviation fuels. New initiatives are launched in Sweden to produce sustainable fuels in different parts of the country, which will be significant in order to reduce the climate impact of civil aviation. Furthermore, Sweden believes that a close dialogue and cooperation between various stake holders, such as regulators and the industry, and a joint effort among all states, where no country is left behind, is vital in order to succeed in meeting future challenges.  


These innovations and developments are examples of how civil aviation is constantly evolving and adapting to changes in society. Sweden is proud to host initiatives that will contribute to a civil aviation fit for the future!   

Swedish Ttransport Agency

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About Sweden

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy in northern Europe, occupying the eastern portion of the Scandinavian peninsula.


Sweden includes the islands of Gotland and Öland in the Baltic Sea. Sweden’s 449,964 km2 makes it the fourth largest country in Europe. Stockholm is the country’s capital and largest city.

Sweden Stats

Arriving and departing passengers

44 902 254 in 2019

23 092 267 in 2021

Movements in major airports

(Departures and arrivals)

654 941 in 2019

361 993 in 2021

Aircraft on national register grand total

2945 in 2019 

2995 in 2021

8239 in 2019

8062 in 2021

Total number of certified personnel

39 in 2019/2021

Number of airports

(excl. private airfields)

143 000 in 2019

145 324 in 2021

International cargo traffic

in tonnes

615 100 in 2019/2021

Size of FIRi(in km²)

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