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Editorials from Civil Aviation Authority of Norway

About Norway

Norway is a constitutional monarchy in northern Europe, occupying the western and northern portions of the Scandinavian peninsula.


The capital and largest city in Norway is Oslo. Norway has a total area of 385,207 square kilometres (148,729 sq mi) and had a population of 5,425,270 in January 2022.[14] The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden at a length of 1,619 km (1,006 mi). It is bordered by Finland and Russia to the northeast and the Skagerrak strait to the south, on the other side of which are Denmark and the United Kingdom. Norway has an extensive coastline, facing the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea.

Norway Stats

Arriving and departing passengers

56 460 228 in 2019

23 092 267 in 2021

Movements in major airports

(Departures and arrivals)

690 472 in 2019

563 955 in 2021

Aircraft on national register grand total

1 242 in 2019 

1 270 in 2021

Total number of certified personnel

54 in 2019/2021

Number of airports

(excl. private airfields)

178 590 in 2019

182 051 in 2021

International cargo traffic

in tonnes

2 039 000 in 2019/2021

Size of FIR (in km²)

FCL:3782, AML:1021, ATCO:514 in 2019

FCL:3810, AML:1117ATCO:512 in 2021

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