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"Together for safe, secure and sustainable aviation"

Mr. Samuli Vuokila in 7 phrases

  • Airline captain, 7500 flight hours

  • Civil Aviation Authority,  multiple positions since 2006 

  • Head of safety and quality assurance in an airline management

  • Member of ICAO Air Navigation Commission 2011 – 2014

  • Chief Adviser to DGCA Finland

  • Alternate Representative of Sweden on the Council of ICAO 2016 – 2019

  • Representative of Finland on the Council of ICAO 2019-2022


I emphasize that ICAO’s role in maintaining and promoting safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation in the world is of fundamental importance and I am proud to work on it. I see that in the future ICAO’s rule-making function will need to evolve towards performance- and risk-based approach instead of the traditional prescriptive regulatory framework. This path has significant challenges, in particular as it relates to the varying oversight abilities of these kinds of rules. Implementation support and guidance play a very important role. This is a function which can be done on multiple levels and new initiatives to improve need to be sought in an attempt to raise the effective implementation of ICAO provisions. 

ICAO will benefit greatly on the increasing internal efficiency where member States play a key role both as facilitators and every now and then, as role models. Sharing best practices is a very efficient way of international cooperation. Experience and examples of new ways of doing business are worth their weight in gold, everyone does not have to try to do things from the very beginning but benefit from the experience of others. 

I personally remain committed to support ICAO’s work in a collaborative, open minded fashion. The best results in all international activities are the ones where all have their opinions taken into account and the end result is acceptable to all.  Global civil aviation is not possible without the cooperation of all actors working towards the same goal. This is where ICAO has its natural place, the home of International Civil Aviation.         

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